David Estreich Architects is a full service architecture and interior design office based in New York City.

Prior to founding the firm, David Estreich worked for Richard Meier and Associates. He holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Yale University, where he studied under Sir James Stirling and Cesar Pelli.

Brian Blackburn joined the firm shortly after its inception. He holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Columbia University, where he studied under Robert A.M. Stern and Ada Karmi-Melamide. 

David Estreich Architects gained a reputation for its unique approach to Manhattan apartment renovations: staid prewar apartments were opened up to a loft-like flow of well ordered spaces; conversely, amorphous modern boxes were given sensuous curves and axial symmetries combining Modern and Traditional principles. A careful consideration of each client’s specific needs guided these concepts.

As the firm’s reputation grew, Estreich and Blackburn applied these principles to increasingly larger projects, both residential and commercial. They have collaborated on more than 300 projects.  Typical projects include whole floor apartment combinations, magisterial new homes that are timeless in their appeal, and commercial projects of all sizes.   

 In 1992, the firm was commissioned to design a full floor of condominium offices and exhibition space for the Fifth Avenue headquarters of  the China based, Sino American Information & Trade Center. 

 In 1993, David Estreich Architects was invited to China with two major commissions from Deng Zhifang, son of  the Paramount Leader of China, Deng Xiaoping.  Both projects were in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone for Mr. Deng's Sei-Fong Real Estate Development Company, which pioneered  American Architecture in China in the early '90s.

The first project was the 48 story Shenzhen Office and Sports Complex. The second was a 1 square kilometer industrial new town. Estreich and Blackburn continued to design large scale projects in China including  office buildings, housing complexes and urban designs.   

David Estreich also designs furniture, including numerous pieces for The Pace Collection, now available through i4 Mariani International.

David Estreich Architects has been featured in “Architectural Digest,” “The New York Times,” “Metropolitan Home,” “Florida Design,”  and other publications. Mr. Estreich has been featured on “Style With Elsa Klensch” on CNN, and “The Art of The Home” broadcast by Sinovision in China.